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  • Easy to install:
    • Quick and easy fitting process with specific template for each mounting position to prevent mistakes
    • Non-handed design
  • Easy to adjust - adjustable arm allows the CE3F to be easily installed and adjusted in multiple applications
  • Easy to set up - side mounted door speed and latch controls for convenient access, allowing easy and accurate set up of the door opening and closing


  • Fixed size 3 rack & pinion door closer
  • Maximum leaf width:  950mm EN size 3
  • Maximum leaf weight:  60kg
  • 130º maximum opening angle (controlled closing)
  • Adjustable closing speed from 130º open to 15º open
  • Adjustable latch action for final 15º
  • Adjustable arm set for regular, transom and parallel arm installation
  • Parallel arm mounting bracket supplied separately


  • SIL - Silver finish
  • GLD - Gold finish