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Capacity/Door: 80 kg
Door thickness: 10-12-12.7 mm
Max opening dimensions: 9 x 3 m (6+6 panels)
Track: Aluminium
Movement: Folding                                                                                         

Folding system for glass partitions of 10, 12 or 12.7 mm thickness. To be used as a glazed interior partition: restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, airports, etc...    

  • Drilled hanging glass system that provides guaranteed stability. Reliable, secure, and easy-to-install system   
  • Trouble-free installation: convenient access to adjustment modules  
  • Designer finish pelmet installed when assembly is completed. The pelmet guarantees a perfect result and gives fitters greater flexibility when handling the panels   
  • Choice of structural materials: anodised aluminium and stainless steel

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