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What is Quartz composite sink?

The term "Quartz composite" refers to a substance made out of natural quartz and acrylic resin (normally combined with 80 percent , 20 percent ratio). Quartz kitchen sinks have been gradually rising in popularity, particularly in the kitchen. quartz and granite are the most commonly used materials on countertops. Quartz stone is also a good choice for sinks. Those offered by Raniyo Sri Lanka from Carysil., for example. 

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We'll go over the benefits and drawbacks of quartz, and also everything you need to know about quartz composite sinks. I hope this information has helped you determine if it is a good fit for your dream kitchen.


Highly durable

Quartz sinks are built to endure a lifetime. These sinks are extremely long-lasting and resistant to heat (up to 280 degrees Celsius), scratches, and stains, ensuring that they maintain their appearance for many years. Sinks with higher performance often come with warranties. For example, Raniyo's new composite kitchen sinks in sri lanka come with a 5-year warranty against manufacture faults, ensuring high-quality German engineering technology.


Quartz is germs and odour resistant due to its smoothness and nonporous nature, which prevents food particles from spreading.

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For ladies, it's the best selling point! These type of  sinks are naturally silent, making them considerably easier to clean than stainless steel sinks. Water is heard from taps and faucets, and the banging of dishes in the kitchen much decreased.

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Modern design and colour options.

Simple eye-catching designs are one of the finest impacts for Composite sinks. With their sleek design, these sinks may be the focal point of your kitchen. Another advantage of quartz type sinks is that they come in a variety of colours, including Black, Grey, White, Metallic, Brown, Dust Grey, Beige, Red, and many more, allowing you choose the finishes that best fit your counterfeits.

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The only disadvantage of these quartz composite sinks is that they are somewhat more expensive than stainless steel sinks. Despite the fact that it is significantly less expensive when compared to fireclay kitchen sinks and other quality handcrafted sinks. This extra expense is compensated by the benefits of beautiful appearance and great durability.

Kitchen sink sri lanka


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